Strategy Director

01 Q&A

  • At WebTalk since

    my internship in 2013. I was gone for a while, but then I came back like the prodigal daughter.

  • Who am I

    People look at me and assume I’m 15. But don’t let the looks fool you – 15 years is nearly how long I’ve been working here 😉

  • Your first job in communication

    In 2011, I managed social media for an Empik company. From there I moved to WebTalk and I’ve never looked back.

  • Describe your role at WebTalk in 3 words

    I analyse, research, steer and plan.

  • The coolest part of your job

    The clash between what the client wants and what the creative team would like to do. Finding a consensus is difficult yet gratifying work.

  • What do you like the most about WebTalk?

    The vibe. As simple as that.

  • Your favourite project of 2022

    2022 was nothing but favourite projects so it’s hard to pick one. The things we do keep getting cooler, and that’s great!

  • How do you take your coffee?

    Black as tar, no sugar.

  • Tell us something we don't know

    I have two dogs I talk to regularly. Especially when I go out in the evening, I tell them how long I’ll be gone and when I’ll be back.