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(Plants Will Love You)

Wokas – Plants Will

Love You

This is the case when working on a campaign makes us feel good and understood by the brand. You’re going to love this campaign and if you take a closer look at it, Plants Will Love You.


Jungles came to our homes and stayed with us. They deserved being treated to top-quality products and a dedicated 360-degree campaign.


We presented Wokas specialty soils as ones that truly understand our plants. We listened to the voice of nature…


The protagonists of the Plants Will Love You campaign are flowers, stems, sprouts, roots and leaves. Orchids, Zanzibar gems, heathers and apple trees.


In the image ad, they are voiced by the legendary voice actress Krystyna Czubówna, showing us the world from their perspective. You could hear and watch the results of that collaboration in cinemas, on TV, across digital channels and at award ceremonies.

Plants are alive, just as our communication was to come alive

No stock photos were used and no plants were harmed in the making of our campaign. In a one-of-a-kind session, a dream come true for any plant parent, we photographed 60 green models.


The images used in our social media communication are real plants that we know personally. We created a bond between people and plants. How else could they love us?

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Then we launched a YouTube channel

Discussing plants while planting apple trees and heather, sitting in a studio full of plants and talking about their needs, we shot 30 episodes of Zielona Szkoła Wokas (Wokas Green School).


Brand experts hosted the show, assisted by the irreplaceable plant enthusiast and author Sebastian Kulis. Every time you interact with Wokas, you gain knowledge Plants Will Love You for.

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Three numbers to describe the campaign

  • 13.9 MLN
    in TV reach

  • 88.6 MLN
    advertising contacts

  • 65 %
    increase in perceived quality