We loved this campaign so much we made it the theme of our office Halloween party. True story. We dressed up as ketchups, potatoes and chips. Now you too can visit the land of Heinzilvania.



We’re fans of Heinz’ brand campaign.

A client everyone would love to work for, it has courage and humour in its DNA and products everybody knows.


Our job was to create a tailor-made campaign for retail chains. Wampyry, a cross between a vampire and a spud, appeared in POS materials, on screens and store shelves, but it was digital media where they really stirred things up. After all, we’re digital first.


Wampyry took root on the landing page at www.heinzylwania.pl.

In fact, they grew so comfortable there that they took in a few hundred competition entries. The assignment was purée fun! Users were asked to add funny lines of dialogue to an animation we created.

Where did Wampyry come from? On the website, users could discover their story and wampyric recipes.

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