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BNP Paribas

end-to end


We’ve been developing our relationship with BNP Paribas since 2018. In that time, we got to know well the brand’s values that we identify with, which shows in the content we create on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Areas of expertise

Our strategy is focused on highlighting specified brand values and the brand DNA

Excellent customer service, concern for the community and absolute concentration on BNP Paribas customers.


In addition, we create campaigns to promote the bank’s products and initiatives. We even shot #Hot16Challenge for BNP Paribas. Keeping things busy!


And to make sure nothing gets by us

We provide the brand with regular content monitoring and community management.

We’re the first point of contact on as many as 5 social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and GoWork). Our response time is fast – 15 minutes on average! Efficient communication also ensures optimal response to crises and helps us effectively neutralise potential hate.