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Selected by Jan Błachowicz

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Jan Błachowicz - the UFC world champion in light heavyweight, style icon, self-confident and aware of his accomplishments, who knows exactly what he wants from life. These features made him the perfect ambassador for Pako Lorente. Due to joining the Brand Cultures Club under the "Selected by Jan Błachowicz" campaign, we’ve created landing page, photoshoots, and creative mailing.


The landing page had to be intuitive and in a natural way show the products and stylizations prepared during the image session with Jan Błachowicz, where a video material was also created. As an announcement of the campaign premiere, we’ve also organized a creative mailing to selected journalists, athletes and influencers, consisting of essential items for the "Selected by Jan Błachowicz" Pako Lorente products. We’ve engaged 20 instagram creators to influencer activation #ChampionshipStyle. Beside that we’ve created an AR filter, referring to photoshoot. 

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