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Production & Social Media

Agrorewolucje season 2

Agrorewolucje is a special show published on a dedicated YouTube channel, created by a consortium of agricultural brands, Intermag, Azot Group and Ciech Sarzyna JS. Since season 2, we have supervised the production and creative process of the show as well as managed and moderated Agrorewolucje social media channels (YouTube, Instagram and Facebook). The main aims of the programme were to educate farmers, increase awareness and generate reach and conversions to the producers’ websites. Product placement was natural, non-intrusive and integrated into the plot.


The stars of the show are three agricultural influencers, Bardowski (Bardowscy), Kula and Rolnik Nieprofesjonalny (270,000 subscribers in total). Each looked after one participant from a farm with different characteristics and needs, whose aim was to develop it with the use of expert knowledge and support.


As part of our work, we rebranded the channel by changing the style of titles and descriptions and creating new miniatures to keep up with rapidly changing YouTube algorithms while maintaining its original copywriting. We targeted non-standard audiences using Trueview and Discovery ad formats. We also introduced non-standard communication formats such as bloopers (a funny special episode), the music video “Dumni” by Ich Trzech, and elements that are popular on YouTube (competitions and live streams) and activated the “Community” tab on the channel.



subscriptions vs season 1

3 800 000

total views


hours of watching

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