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performance campaign

Challenge - Increase sales level while maintaining a low conversion cost.

Solution - Appropriately optimized advertising campaign in Facebook and Google Ads.


Balagan is a Polish clothing brand, founded in 2015 by two friends, Agata and Hanna, who live in two cities - Warsaw and Tel Aviv. Their brand combines the simple elegance of Polish design with a casual, Israeli streetwear.


The challenge we faced was to conduct an advertising campaign in such a way as to achieve the best possible sales results without exceeding the assumed conversion cost level. To achieve this, we started by adjusting the actions to the goals that we set for each stage of the campaign. We have also created several groups of recipients on the basis of which we segmented individual ads.


Thanks to these activities and the constant analysis of the effects, as well as effective budget optimization, we were able to visibly influence the increase in sales in the store:



in the first quarter of cooperation


in the next sales year


of the result 2019 vs 2020

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