Aktywacja na TikToku




How do we understand ‘digital first’? We want to be pioneers in digital marketing. Tymbark put their trust in us, and we offered them something that hadn’t existed before. Even on TikTok.

To adapt the O Ja! Orzeźwia campaign for the Internet.

We created the first-ever filter that is an interactive beat machine. It is the world’s first filter of this type.


If you don’t believe us, ask TikTok. Now users could not only listen to the campaign song but also create a version of their own. This is how we ended up with 1,534 pieces created by TikTokers that generated 5.2 million views in total.


Swipe left or right
It’s not just about being first

To take user experience to the highest level, our filter was presented by TikTokers adored by Gen Z: Ewelina Ross, Loczniki and Marysia Jeleniewska. We teamed up with Marysia to create unique merch. Viral videos have quickly made the Tymbark x Jeleniewska bum bag an object of desire.


Last but not least

Our campaign won a Kreatura award in the AR category. You got to see this, but…


CAREFUL! After watching the videos from that campaign, you won’t be able to get ‘Tymbarrk, Tymbarrrrk Tymbarrrk orzeźwia!’ out of your head.