Social media

& new visual


Areas of expertise
  • Traditional social media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Gaming social media
  • New visual media

Social media are now completely different from the channels we started with in 2010. We use new capabilities to cut through the advertising clutter. We manage accounts for dozens of brands in a dozen languages.




Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn (traditional social media)


Tradition – it’s a curious word in the context of social media, but since we’ve been doing this since 2010, we’d say it fits. Well-established platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn constantly bring about new tools and capabilities. We watch them change and we adapt, as we’ve done in hundreds of campaigns for over 100 brands.



Twitch, Discord (gaming social media)


If you want to reach gamers, you’ll work with gamers. Native communication and the use of new tools are our key to success. We create content that enhances gamers’ experience and builds their trust in your product or service.

TikTok (new visual media)


Are you on TikTok? We have a dedicated TikTok team. A department everyone wants to visit to find out the next big trend. This platform enables brands to build an engaged community and drive organic reach. We create content that will go places.



Influencer Marketing


Collaborating with creators, Influencer Marketing works closely with the creative team. This allows us to engage influencers who are a good match, if not always the obvious one. You can count on our advice. We build relations. Clients receive recommendations and a detailed analysis. We won’t stand for likes from Turkey. OK, unless Turkey happens to be the market we’re launching a product in…