(brand launch & brand strategy building)


Areas of expertise
  • Communications strategies and brand building
  • Designing long - & short-term campaigns
  • Strategic audit & strategy review
  • Workshops & training

Instead of reading tea leaves or rely on hunches, we base our strategies and communications ideas on consumer research.

Communications strategies and brand building


Are you building a brand? Or perhaps want to refresh its image? Branding/rebranding hold no secrets from us. We build the brand identity, set areas of growth and suggest what groups to reach and where, always working closely with the client and listening to their needs.

Your brand is stuck in a rut? We’ll look into that and build an effective communications strategy. Whether you’re looking for a one-off project or a long-term effort, we’ll find the golden ticket for you and help you reach your audience.



Designing long – & short-term campaigns


We know what to say as well as when and how often to say it. We know where to show your brand to find the audience. We analyse, adjust and plan instant and staggered campaigns so that you don’t have to.



Strategic audit & strategy review


It’s not enough to take action – you also need to check if what you do works. This is why strategic audit and strategy review are an integral part of our work. Validating or reviewing your initial strategy is the best way to achieve your goals. Even if it means moving on to Plan B.



Workshops & training


We can give you a final product based on our experience. But we know that working together will produce a much better result. This is why we hold workshops and strategic training sessions – to work WITH and not FOR our clients. We’d love to see you there too. Our research techniques will be tailored to your needs to build the optimal brand or communications strategy together.

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