Ale pitny

Probably the tastiest and most colourful campaign (and a lottery) we’ve ever tried. It was legendairy!


The spring/summer season of 2021 was hot,

& not just temperature-wise. It’s a generally hot sales season for this category. We had to stand out both in digital media and on the shelves. We designed the packaging, POS materials, KVs and the landing page. Now we had to reach the consumers. With the high temperatures outside, we proposed something fresh yet simple that goes well with summer. Just like Ale! Pitny.

Swipe left or right
Vouchers for selected stores and simple lottery mechanics.

Through carefully selected platforms and refreshed and appetising communication, we reached both existing and new consumers. Our priority was to have a strong presence on TikTok, which is how we engaged younger audiences, using challenges, which were very effective back then.