A flavourful spring in



A recipe for success in the kitchen is quite simple: just choose natural and universal products with quality ingredients, such as Beskidzki—our best rapeseed oil.


How about marketing? It certainly takes synergy between the agency teams and close collaboration with the client to deliver creative, quality, and effective campaigns, just as with our Beskidzki spring campaign.


We began our journey with Beskidzki by working out a strategy and creative concept for the client. Our partnership continues to expand, and the fact we went above and beyond the KPIs for our latest campaign serves as a testament to how well we understand each other. Learn more about it!

Beskidzki takes TV by storm

Here at WebTalk, branded content production is our speciality. This time we created a TV spot and a sponsorship billboard full of flavors and colors. Beskidzki didn’t behave like a diva even for a second and did a fantastic job on set, as did the whole crew.

It’s as clear as daylight that shines on rapeseed that we oversaw the creative concept and set coordination, as well as media buying.

It’s time for even more online friends

You can find Beskidzki on store shelves and TV, as well as in the digital realm—which always comes first for us! We successfully delivered excellent results, exceeding our targets all across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and websites.


We also bolstered our consumer communication with influencer marketing. As always, we prioritized authenticity, reaching out to influencers who really know their way around the kitchen. Justyna Dragan, Szymon Dudek (Człowiek od Jedzenia), Ola Witkowska (Inspiracje Kulinarnee), Ania from “Gotuję bo lubię,” and Kinga Borowska (Kuchenne Mecyje) added Beskidzki oil to their recipes and concocted some really scrumptious dishes!

Swipe left or right

And the winner is…

We designed and developed a competition app based on an engaging game and a creative assignment. Participating fans had a chance to win very attractive prizes such as a weekend retreat in the mountains, Gerlach accessories, and an ample supply of Beskidzki oil. We received nearly 2,000 entries (which translates to 586% of our target)!


  • 4 000 000+
    TV reach

  • 49 000 000+
    TV + Digital impressions

  • 146%
    sponsorship campaign estimate

  • 3
    weeks of TV communication dominance in the oil category (34.8% SoV)