HR&PR Director

01 Q&A

  • At WebTalk since


  • Who am I

    I’m a person who likes to help others and enjoys what she does. So I (usually) do it with a smile. There are no matters or problems people can’t talk to me about.

  • Your first job in communication

    In 2011, I did an internship at one of the largest PR agencies in Poland, where I stayed for another 4 years.

  • Describe your role at WebTalk in 4 words

    I look after people.

  • The coolest part of your job

    Watching the amazing people working at WebTalk as they develop along with the company, succeed, engage in the company’s life and stay here for long. Being part of that is very satisfying.

  • What do you like the most about WebTalk?

    People who make this place and its atmosphere – I could write a book about it. You won’t find another ambitious, supportive and hilarious bunch like this one!

  • Your favourite project of 2022

    Definitely our new website... :)

  • How do you take your coffee?

    Black, bitter, large and sipped from my favourite dachshund mug.

  • Tell us something we don’t know

    I used to be a ballroom dance instructor, I’m surprisingly good at all water sports, I’ve got a very good memory for song lyrics and I’m going to have a dachshund named Serwus.