R&D Director

01 Q&A

  • At WebTalk since


  • Who am I

    I’m totally unable to describe myself in one sentence because there are too many different visions of myself in my head.

  • Your first job in communication

    In 2011, I worked as a Social Media Specialist at OX Media.

  • Describe your role at WebTalk in 3 words

    I search, optimise and look for innovation.

  • The coolest part of your job

    The ability to embark on new projects and start over.

  • What do you like the most about WebTalk?

    The atmosphere of openness to new ideas.

  • Your favourite project of 2022

    Creating an independent price rating analytics service.

  • How do you take your coffee?

    Any will do, as long as it’s tea.

  • Tell us something we don’t know

    I wrote my first short story, ‘Grandpa Bartek and His Talking Horse Who Was an Enchanted Unicorn’, when I was seven