Areas of expertise
  • SEO audits and strategy
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Website positioning,
  • International SEO

In order to be digital first, we continue to add new technologies to our expertise. We use data-driven marketing and enable companies to harness the potential of AI and DCO.

Audit and strategy


Yes, we’re looking for problems. We analyse what your customers are looking for, what their problems are and how they want to solve them and how they use the search engine. Then we create a strategy that works and drives quality traffic on the website. If necessary, we perform a technical audit.



E-commerce SEO


Rather than building empty visibility, we prefer generating traffic that converts. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a distributor, we’ll find the optimal solutions for your store. We’ll handle everything from planning the structure to copywriting for category and product descriptions.



Website positioning


Advanced visibility strategies, quality copywriting and link building that boosts authority in the search engine are what you can expect if you ask us to position your website. We’ll select the right keywords and ensure long-tail visibility.



International SEO

A key aspect in international expansion. We use our vast experience in a few dozen markets and work with native specialists from strategy through execution.