& Development

Areas of expertise
  • consumer and market analytics
  • Pricing strategies
  • Mobile
  • AR & VR implementation

In order to be digital first, we continue to add new technologies to our expertise. We use data-driven marketing and enable companies to harness the potential of AI and DCO.

Consumer and market analytics (Internet of Behaviour)


We want to know more about your brand than you do, and then share it. We answer the question of what the consumers need, how they look at the brand and the world, what they like and what they would like to change. We unearth data that are hard to access.



Pricing strategies


A price report is an excellent tool not just to verify your pricing strategy but also to cultivate, control and deepen the relationship with your distributors. We give you constant analytics of how the price of your and your competitors’ products changed over time. Our reports let you track availability, average and unit prices in different stores as well as who, when and where had a price advantage over you.



Mobile (responsive web design)


Now that mobile devices are more important to consumers than desktop ones, the lack of a mobile version of a website or an online store is an enormous marketing mistake. Based on UX audit and our knowledge of the tools you use, we’ll design and implement an effective responsive web design that meet the consumers’ needs. And if you already have a mobile version, we’ll check its potential and help you implement it.



AR & VR implementation


We’ll help your team plan, implement and monitor the effectiveness of AR and VR activities. While new technologies offer enormous opportunities, they also pose a big challenge. We give you our know-how and professional support to optimise the process and avoid costly mistakes.