Media buying

& performance

Areas of expertise
  • Media strategies
  • Paid Social
  • Performance marketing
  • Programmatic
  • Analitycal Media Dashboards

We drive reach and optimise campaigns, using the characteristics and potential of every channel. An effective media mix and detailed reports.

Media strategies

Comprehensive recommendations that help achieve your business goals. This is how we understand media strategies. Then you have optimisation, adjusting to evolving conditions and optimisation. Oh, and don’t forget optimisation.


Paid social

We already know and introduce everything available in the Meta ecosystem. Facebook is our marketing partner. We create campaigns in partnership with TikTok. We meet sales targets.

Performance marketing

As everywhere else, we put quality first. The quality of the traffic we acquire and cost effectiveness are our priorities in performance marketing. To our clients, we often act as their external sales department.




We navigate with ease across the entire Google advertising ecosystem, implementing end-to-end campaigns and providing clients with analytics support. We facilitate transition to the new version of Google Analytics.



Analytical Media Dashboards

Everything is clear. Dedicated dashboards, clear data presentation and customisation to the client’s individual needs. We demystify charts.