Areas of expertise
  • E-commerce audit and strategy
  • E-merchandising (Rich content)
  • Sales ecosystems (marketplaces, stores)
  • Social & Live Commerce
  • Marketing Automation

Higher sales guaranteed by the quality of services. E-commerce, A-commerce and any other type of commerce can really boost your company’s revenue.

E-commerce audit and strategy

Research first. We study your competition, industry potential and previous activities. Done? Now we create a strategy that answers the question of how to increase sales, what partners to work with and how to reach consumers. We also throw in info on media capabilities and SEO guidelines for specific products. Everything you need to be effective.


E-merchandising (Rich content)


Retailers you work with also contribute to your brand image. We’ll look into how they present your product and what they tell the consumers. You can count on us when it comes to designing product page narratives, creating static and interactive content and implementing the strategy at distributors.


Sales ecosystems (marketplaces, stores)


Together, we’ll make sure to put your product where it will sell best. We know very well the capabilities and limitations of various marketplaces and can design an ecosystem that simply works. Now that we know where, let’s talk how. We define content activities, create links between the stores and tie it all up to the sales schedule. Done? Time to implement the portfolio then.


Social & Live Commerce


Dear Clients! Can you see and hear me all right? I’ve got something really special for you today…Are you ready? LIVE COMMERCE! Yes, yes…I know you love it when I boost your sales…At WebTalk, we come up with the idea, create the scripts and select the hosts and technological solutions. Are you ready for Live Commerce?


Marketing Automation

Automating the customers’ contact with the product may be key to boosting sales. We plan and optimise email marketing, push notifications and texts, according to your sales schedule and using the best tools available.