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1. Creating logo  

2. Building SoMe communication strategy

3. Creating KVs for the digital campaign is BNP Paribas’ project addressed to specific recipients, namely farmers and manufacturers. The aim was to create a portal where modern representatives of this group can find interesting market information, educational materials and digital tools to facilitate their daily work.

The challenge, apart from creating an attractive identity for the project, was to build a credible message in the digital environment. The assumption for both purposes was the same: communication is to be modern and build a positive image of the solution created by BNP Paribas.

The logo prepared by the agency was based on two key tenets: simplicity and professionalism, which were expressed through a pure, uncomplicated font. Green elements referred to the colour code of both the client and the group, associated with nature.

In order to reach the group as widely as possible, we decided on modern tools: the Facebook channel and communication via influencers who are respected by farmers.

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