We opened a new chapter in the positioning of this luxury brand

Just as if we opened the door to a newly furnished apartment of our dreams.


The key to success was the photo session, which showed the new face of MaxFliz in a visually exciting way, and a well-though-out OOH campaign.


The essential thing

Was to reach the key audience associated with the opening of the first salon in Warsaw. We were sure about the quality of our creative concept and the resulting photo session, which was confirmed by interior design portals. 

To show the brand in urban space

We decided to use interesting placements, instead of flooding the city with our messaging. We were present only where our billboard could reach the right group of people and spark curiosity. 

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To ensure success on all fronts

The client asked us to create all visual content as well as manage social media and the programmatic aspect of the whole campaign.

Let’s join forces