We unlocked our curiosity with Auchentoshan.


To stand out in the premium spirits market, we based communication on various types of curiosity.

We ended the year with a bang, with a project the client referred to as ‘one of the best ever created for the brand.’ A session co-created with shootmewarsaw and Maciej Miloch sparks curiosity and visually tells a story about the brand at first glance. By playing with three-dimensional form and geometry, we were able to show the product as it is – interesting, delicate and premium.


Faithful to the brand’s colour identity,

The set design is a three-dimensional play with geometry and form.


For the campaign, we involved popular creators

The singer Natalia Nykiel, the photographer Jan Dmitri and the hair stylist Dawid Krynicki (230,000 followers in total).

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But that's not all

We provide Auchentoshan with a range of regular services: digital strategy & tactical planning, creative services, influencer & ambassador marketing, photo & video production, and media activities.